Monday, April 30, 2012

TriggerTrap : More Control for Iphone Users

Triggertrap has announced the first-ever light-sensitive trigger for the iPhone’s camera and is now ready for consumers to download. A mobile app that converts your iPhone into a highly-configurable remote release for your camera. Triggertrap Mobile is an innovating app that focuses on iPhones, iPods and iPads to perform different triggering modes. It works in concert with two hardware components, a Mobile Dongle that connects to the phone plus a suitable camera cable, to offer a wide range of methods to release the shutter. These include timelapse, distance lapse (based upon the phone's GPS), face recognition, and sound, motion, and shock detectors. It can also control High Dynamic Range bracketing up to 19 exposures.

Many of the standard triggering modes can simply be performed on your camera built in phones(only Apple Products). Don’t worry! They’re currently working on an Android version, so photo enthusiast can calmly wait for it’s arrival. Launching different triggering modes that includes, timelapse, distance lapse, motion detection, sound, vibrations,HDR and much more.
From there, Triggertrap boasts 12 different trigger modes, including time-lapse, eased time-lapse, distance-lapse, magnet-triggered, motion-triggered, shock-triggered, and sound-triggered. The app also features facial recognition and HDR modes. And that’s not all. Triggertrap also sports basic features like timed exposure mode (up to 60 minutes), bulb mode, and timed bulb mode.

A free version of the app, with three of the full app's features, is also available.