Thursday, September 02, 2010


I was never a fan of waiting. I hate the feeling of waiting. The agony of waiting and not knowing what the outcome is. Unfortunately for me, this is the stage where I am at now.
A week ago I made a daring move to try and venture out and try other opportunities outside my comfort zone.  I submitted my application to one of the big companies here in our town. I made the initial interview, passed the exam, but not pretty sure how well I did in the panel interview. There were two interviewees that time, I got word that one interviewee said I did OK, but not that impressive with the other one. So I guess that leaves me in limbo with no clear closing as to how I did with my panel interview. So now, there’s pretty much nothing I can do. I can follow up my application with the company, but knowing that it has only been a week, I guess it’s too early to do so. 
I need to keep myself preoccupied or at least get my thoughts of my application. Still, I hate this feeling. Hopefully, I would get word from the company anytime soon. With a little luck and the much needed blessings from above, I hope I hear good news.