Monday, November 30, 2009

Exchanging Gifts

I would say that I am a little too old for this, but since this has been a tradition of the team, regardless you’re still with the team or not, then I guess It is ok. Exchanging gifts with friends is always a fun thing to do.

With a budget of 100 php, I went ahead and looked for a decent gift to give to my kris kringle. Since we didn’t draw names yet, I do not know who my kris kringle is, so I have to be creative and make sure my gift is unisex. Otherwise, I will get a whole lot of complains after the party. So I went ahead and head on with my search for the perfect gift.  With a budget in mind of 100 php, I could not find a better place to buy my gift than the 99 store. Everything sells for 99 peso, so at least they say. Now, the next challenge will be, what gift will I get?  After going back and forth to different shelves on the store trying to find the right gift, that is when I realized, It is not easy to look for a unisex gift, especially if you do not know who you will be giving the gift to.
So, after a few minutes wondering, I finally decided to get a candle holder and one scented candle to go with it. Luckily, my kris kringle said it just what he needs.

Life Through My Lens. My Photo Journal

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Volunteers give 25,000 meals

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Here we have a good example on how we, as a community and as individuals, should spend our holidays. Local city leaders spent the holiday helping the much needful individuals of Orlando. Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer aims to give away free meals. Yes, you heard it right. 25,000 free meals. Mayor Buddy Dyer spearheaded the event together with the help of local individuals who wants to take part and share some compassion this holiday season.

The event is part of the annual celebration of the state. The annual Helpings From the Heart Thanksgiving Feast. Working together are Golden Corral and The Salvation Army Orlando to make this event possible every year. This event is now running successfully for 17 years now. Local individuals participated in the event and made it more meaningful. Local chefs took part in preparing the meals while the volunteers handed out the free meals. Every participant was working together in the aim of helping those in need and giving more meaning to the spirit of the holidays.
Although this does not happen on a monthly, weekly nor on a daily basis, we are still thankful for the wonderful hearts of each individual who took part in this wonderful event.
Thanks giving.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Harvey, Aiken lead UCF to 49-0 rout of Tulane

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I guess the news says it all. University of Central Florida Knights beat Tulane in an upset score of 49-0.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

where's our cat?

i just arrived from a delayed flight from cebu. as expected, the weathers gloomy around here. that is because of the typhoon that is still within the Philippine territory. i was hoping i would be able to go and take some photo shoots, but it seems that i would be stuck at home for at least a couple of days.
none the less, as i was seating outside our house, i realized that we lost a couple of puppies. i always complain how the puppies and the dogs usually run right at me every time i am home. even though i have not been at home for a while, the dogs still recognize me.  to my surprise, there was just one dog this time. dad said the puppies did not make it, was sick for a while and eventually died. that was a bit sad. but what surprised me more was the fact that i do not see a cat anywhere. we used to have a cat. more often than not, our cats usually had twisted tails. as in literally twisted tails. i miss our cat. not only does a cat makes life fun. they also chase around the rats that stays in our attic.
anyways, i guess I would have to deal with rattling sounds for now.
other than that, i am glad to be home.

Children's Hospital Patient Gets Surprise Visit from Favorite Author

Children's Hospital Patient Gets Surprise Visit from Favorite Author

it is nice to know that there are still some people out there who go out of their way to show a little kindness and make someone’s life a little easier specially in times to hardships and trials. more often than not, people these days only think about themselves. people take charity less more importance not realizing that sometimes, all it takes is just a little show of compassion. we become too busy with our everyday lives, trying to be the achiever. trying to get hold of everything we can, sometimes, even to the extent of stepping into someone else’s lives just to get where we want to be. but not everyone.
what ever the intention of Mr Frank Beddor, what he did is a very good example of sympathy.
being in a hospital for a child can sometimes be a not-so-good experience. it can be traumatizing sometimes too. but thanks to the author of one the books of the series "The Looking Glass Wars", Mr Frank Beddor. he just made the kids’ day and made it a little easy for the kid. i believe this will also help the kid recover at a faster rate. even a little gesture of kindness can change someone else’s lives forever.


after nights of contemplating whether my adsense application would be approved or not, my account was finally approved. not that its something big, but at least its a start as i can track changes and updates from here on.
i have been trying to get it right or at least get it done. but unfortunately, i cant seem to get it done right. i was starting to get frustrated. who wouldn't be? it's a simple application for adsense and i can't get it right. first i had postal address issues. i was using a new email address specifically for this task so i was thinking maybe because it was new. so i did some tinkering with my account and reapplied just to realize i will just get disapproved. so, i tried using my old email. i made sure i complied with the correct address format that they want. then my application was review status after that. then woolah! i just received an email just today stating that my application has been approved.
so i guess the next thing for me is start making contents for this blog. find ways generate more traffic and eventually, start earning a little more online.

Sunday, November 22, 2009


i am starting to get a hang of blogging. not that i did not blog before, its just that now, i am trying to earn while i blog. mind you, i do have a permanent job. and it pays well and i have no complain so far. the reason why i want to earn while i blog is because i have my computer is connected to the web 24/7, 7 days a week. so instead of just leaving my computer connected, why not make the most of it. why not earn. i have read in some forums that some local individuals earn as much $500 to $700 a month through online marketing. now this is most likely not coming from a blog alone. i am pretty sure that individuals manage their own websites. one that is more inclined to online marketing and not just blogging. there are some bloggers who i know of that earn a pretty descent amount each month, around $5 - $10 a day. i say that is not bad.  i am pretty impressesd with that number actually. now having a job is one thing. but earning while doing something you are already doing, that is something else.
i admit i am barely even at 25 percent of the things that i still need to learn about blogging. specifically earning online. there are lots of tips out there on the internet, i just need more patience to read and thoroughly understand each one of them.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

reading articles online

i have been trying to get a hang of blogging and been reading lots of articles on how to generate income and ways to make money online using your blog or writing articles. the work from home environment. i have read articles about the need to generate traffic for you site. that i understand why there is a need for it. the next question is, what do i need to do to generate that much traffic? there were some tips on how to create the much traffic needed for you site, but i did not realize it was a bit challenging. some might think that earning online is as easy as 1 – 2 – 3 but in reality, it is not. to be successful in this kind of business, you need to understand how everything works. making a blog is just the beginning, everything else is just starting. and did i say that generating traffic for your site is just one of the requirements you need to be successful in this field?
i guess there is no perfect guideline on what to do and how to do it but there are always tips here and there that you can easily find on the internet.

new moon

and so i watched the movie. not really my thing but since its a company sponsored show, might as well watch it.
if i was in high school, man i would say that movies a hit! tells you a tale about two individuals so inlove with each other, battling the odds, getting seperated, and just ending up together. thats every highschool girls fantasy. i should know, most of my friends in highschool were girls and thinking about them now, im sure they still go ga-ga over the movie.setting my own perspective of a good movie aside, i would rate it 4 STARS. the story lines a big hit to the teens, you dont have to tell, just look at age range of the people lining up to watch the movie. which i think is the main market of the movie. the fight scenes didnt disappoint me, but i would have wanted more. this is basically what i expect from a vampire/werewolf movie. the love story is good, i say good because it became predictable somewere in the middle of the movie. and i havent even read the book. and the main characters, i would say they were passionate with their roles. thats a plus for the movie making it more appealing to young ones.
so much to say, if you want to be nostalgic and reminisce about your highschool fantasies, then by all means go out and watch the movie. you would end up wanting to watch it over again.