Friday, October 30, 2009

cars cars and cars

i have been always been a fan of sports cars. Import cars to be exact. Today I was given the chance to get a little more closer to the cars I have always dream of having.
As I walking through the hallways of ways I became more and more excited as I get closer to the venue where they displayed the cars. I was this excited not only because I would get to see them up close and personal, I also have my dslr with me, the every reliable canon xs.
I was in awe when I finally reached the place. Although most of the cars were vintage cars, heck I wouldn’t even bother to complain. Minutes later, I find myself clicking. I went around the cars more than a couple of times until I got the desired shot, or how I wanted my photo to express it self. Although I am still starting in photography, I wanted to make sure that the pictures I take are decent enough to be posted on the internet.
The car makes if I am not mistaken, were Porsche, Jaguar, Ferrari and Chevrolet.
I ended the day with a big smile on face. Contended with my photos, I rushed home and loaded them up on my computer and started posting them on the internet.
The photos attached are only some of the few shoots I have taken during the event.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

south side road trip

A group of photography enthusiasts took a long ride to the south to venture and explore landscape photography.
The ride to the south was primarily intended to remember, gave thanks and pay tribute to the teachings of a great photography mentor. We ventured out to the south side of the city since this was our mentors usual routine every time he has a photography workshop with his class. We stopped at the usual spots where he takes his students and try out different genres of photography.
Although I have not met the great mentor himself, nor have I been in one of his classes, hearing from the words of my companions, I would say he was indeed a great mentor and a good friend.
We started out shooting churches, working our ways to learn landscape photography. We moved from one church to another and more often than not, most churches had wedding ceremonies on that same day. That also gave us the opportunity to try Wedding photography. Later the day, we stopped by at a local restaurant to take a breather and talked a little more about our mentor. After the quick collaboration, we then tried portrait photography. Thanks to the girls who was with the group and was willing enough to pose for us.
All in all, it was a great learning experience. Needless to say, I am already looking forward to the next group activity.

Sunday, October 04, 2009

the place where i grew up

This is the Zamboanga City Hall. This is how it looks like at night. Although we hear news about the dangers living in this city, for someone who grew up in this place like me, I would say the news are just sometimes over exaggerated.
The city, up to now is composed of multiple types of ethnicity. Although majority still comprises of Christian and Muslim community, we also have individuals belonging to different groups. The likes of Yakan, Badjaos, Bisaya are only some of the few.
I have not been living in Zamboanga for nearly 5 years now but I still constantly come back to my home town. I go home at an average of 4 times a year; I guess that would be every quarter of a year. Every time I go home I make sure that I dine out with my college friends and try out the newest restaurant in town and chill out at the newest coffee house in town. This has been my usual routine every time I go home.
Not much has changed since the time I left the place and work somewhere else. I guess development is not that rampant in Zamboanga. I do not take that as a bad sign though. Zamboanga is not that big in terms of its population, so I guess slow development and growth is much likely to be expected. Still, this place will always be my hometown.