Thursday, April 23, 2009

first try at a telephoto

my first try at a telephoto lens. the sigma 70-300mm DG. i was excited when a friend told he will be bringing his telelphoto lens when he visits cebu, the first time for to come back to his second home after he left for kuwait. he is currently employed in kuwait right now, and he has been there for two years now.
for a while i was stuck with my kit lens, the 18-55mm IS for my canon xs. not that i am complaining, the kit lens i have performs impressively but of course i also want to try other lenses that i can use with my cam.
testing the telephoto sigma 70-300mm, i was surprised how far i can zoom. the photos are pretty descent too. i say descent since i have read from reviews that some telephoto zoom lens gives out its image quality if you zoom out your lens that far. maybe because i have not tested other telephoto zoom lens, but as far as performance is concern and market price. it is pretty impressive for its category.
i am going out for a while and have a run with baby and see how it performs. over the weekend, i will have the opportunity to test its performance. we are bound to go on a banca cruise with some friends. we will see just how good this baby is.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

i stand alone

of all the photos i have taken at kan-irag park, i say this was my favorite. the composition of the photo reminded me of how difficult and dirty life can be sometimes. despite how the pond was running dry, the water lily still bloomed wonderfully. despite how the pond looks messy because of the dried leaves and nearly water less surrounding, the water lily still stand still in beauty.
i never realized that digital photography has its dramatic side and that is how i feel every time i look at this photo. the photo itself can already be interpreted in so many ways. i guess its true when they say that photography is an art. the best photos are the ones that has its own story. one that has a lesson to teach. one that has deeper meaning.
i guess same goes to the saying that in photography its not the gear, but the person behind the lens that makes the best photos.
as for me, this photo is a reminder that no matter how tempting, how dirty the society we live in, if one has the will, one can still stand out and be contaminated by the ill-will of our society. one can still do what is good and be a good example to every one else.

Saturday, April 11, 2009


still at the vastness of kan-irag park. still doing our short trek, i looked back and noticed this wonderful site. immediately i kneeled down a little and took this photo. i was amazed how the surroundings looked like. i felt like i was lost somewhere in a forest where everything else around you are trees and grasses. then as i looked straight, and i noticed the small shelter where we passed by. it made me feel farther away from civilization and started to appreciate more about nature and just how wonderful it is if we just take time to take care of it.

my everyday life revolves around the city. my apartment going to my work is just a 10 minute walk, if i ride my bike, heck thats just a little in between two to three minutes. and even if i go out go a little farther than my work, still, all i see are buildings, buildings and more buildings.
it is nice to know that there are still some places left where we can go and appreciate nature. although this is a little farther than my usual rides around the city, i say the trip was worth it. this will not be last time i will go to kan-irag. i will surely come back to this place every once in a while.

Friday, April 10, 2009

three's a crowd

as we were doing our slow trek at kan-irag park i came across this group of well bloomed little flowers. how they were group caught my attention right away. so i composed myself, hold my breath, and set myself as close as the my rebel xs kit lens would let me. and there you have it. a nice composition just how i wanted it. not that i am a professional photographer, but i do know a few things here and there. and more often than not, holding ones breath in taking a picture usually helps in getting a good still picture. and it did, plus, i managed to get that little out of focus effect that i wanted to achieve on the third flower. the one that is farther of the two.
if you look closely, you can see that the first two flowers are closed to each other. while the third flower is a bit far from the the two. it that's exactly what the title says. three's a crowd.
this flowers grow almost everywhere. i really didn't get the chance to get the name, or the patience to even google it. but none the less, whats important is, what the picture is trying to say. be it as a metaphor, or literal.

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

blended coffee for two

an afternoon delight. what better way to spend your afternoon but with a cup of blended coffee and nice book and company of someone special. i used to be a coffee addict. Most of the times you would find me in starbucks drinking my usual, mocha. i tried to trim my coffee consumption since its starting to be a pain in my budget. but every once in a while, whenever i feel the need to treat myself or have a quiet date with my girlfriend, i still have a cup coffee.
my friend keeps inviting me to go to the coffee shop not just to have a taste of their coffee but also for us to get the chance to talk about something that  we both like, motorcycles. so brought along my girlfriend, we brought her laptop and called out our chef friend. there we browsed about the latest gadgets for our bikes and the bikes we tend to imitate. where  we get after market parts, modifications and engine upgrades. and not to forget, mechanics where we can get our bikes upgraded.
so thanks the to chef of the seatles best who happens to be a friend. because of him we got ourselves some perks.

Sunday, April 05, 2009

my first snap shoot

my first try at digital photograhy. a close up shot of a blooming flower. this was taken at kan-irag park near ayala heights in cebu. kan-irag park is a watershed turned into trail park but still maintaining the watershed environment.
im starting to get the hang of my canon 1000D but boy i still have lots of things to learn about digital photography.