Tuesday, November 24, 2009

where's our cat?

i just arrived from a delayed flight from cebu. as expected, the weathers gloomy around here. that is because of the typhoon that is still within the Philippine territory. i was hoping i would be able to go and take some photo shoots, but it seems that i would be stuck at home for at least a couple of days.
none the less, as i was seating outside our house, i realized that we lost a couple of puppies. i always complain how the puppies and the dogs usually run right at me every time i am home. even though i have not been at home for a while, the dogs still recognize me.  to my surprise, there was just one dog this time. dad said the puppies did not make it, was sick for a while and eventually died. that was a bit sad. but what surprised me more was the fact that i do not see a cat anywhere. we used to have a cat. more often than not, our cats usually had twisted tails. as in literally twisted tails. i miss our cat. not only does a cat makes life fun. they also chase around the rats that stays in our attic.
anyways, i guess I would have to deal with rattling sounds for now.
other than that, i am glad to be home.

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