Thursday, July 15, 2010

Fuente Osmeña

It all happened one Saturday. I was doing my usual daily web browsing, visiting my favorite websites when I came across an invite for a night shoot. I confused myself with date at first thinking that it was going that same night thinking there might have been a typo error with the post. After a few confirmations, it was in fact going to happen that same night. Prior to checking the night shoot invite, I already had plans for the afternoon, to shoot at the Volks Wagen Car show in one the malls in our locale. But since invites such as night shoot only come every once in a while, I had to make do of the little time I had.

So after the car shoots, went ahead to meet up with the rest of the gang also looking forward for the night shot. No one was there yet when my girlfriend and I arrived so we took the liberty to get ourselves something to eat.
After the meal and finally completing the gang, we had out to our night shoot escapade. We took pictures of the bridge, some shanty and finally headed back to the city and took some shots of the famous Fuente Circle.
And here it is my share of that night escapade. 

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