Thursday, July 08, 2010

Sunrise at Bantayan Beach Bay

I woke up early and made sure not to miss the sunrise. As I walk through the sands down to the beach, I patiently wait for the sun the show me a glimpse of its light. And here it is, the lovely sunrise taken at the bay of the lovely beach of Bantayan Islands, Santa Fe, in the province of Cebu.

Though this was a quick and fast visit to the islands, I felt like there was still something missing or something that I have not yet done. Something tells me that I have not made the most of my visit to the island. Or maybe, someone to share the sights with. I guess that means that I will be back again someday. But for now, I wanted to do my travels alone. Just me, myself and I. A little selfish I know, but sometimes, we all need to find ourselves within our self every once in a while.

It's been a while since I last posted something on my blog. I have been pre-occupied with a lot of stuff for the past few months. But none the less, it was quite an adventure. Hopefully, as I sit in front of my monitor, typing away on my keyboard, this will start my blogging again. I love photography and what better way to show it than through my own blogsite.


Vixen/Apron Frenzy said...

Very beautiful sunrise!

michael said...

thank you Vixen/Apron Frenzy!

Samson said...

fantastic shot

michael said...

thanks Samson