Thursday, May 24, 2012

Lost Contacts : Blank iClouds Contacts

And so last night I was tinkering my iPhone and was just playing around with. I came across iClouds in the settings menu and decided to turn on most of the items there, including contacts. A window popped out and unknowingly, i ticked on something without really understanding what i just chosed. Did not really bother much to check what it was.

And then today at work, away from my wifi, my phone rang. Seeing only a number in the caller id, i answered thinking it might be important. To my surprise it was my dad calling. And so i asked if he got himself a new number. He told me he didn't. So right after we talked, i checked my contacts, and viola! All my contacts are gone.

Apparently, what i did was, sync my contacts from my iClouds contacts, which as of the moment doesn't contain anything. What i should have done was, merge it. Being worried a little bit that my contacts are gone, i searched the net for resolutions to get my contacts up.

The only solution i could find was to restore my iDevice from my backup which unfortunately was one month old. But what the heck, better than nothing.

Lesson learned. Read before you click on anything.


papel1 said...

Interesting facts about your iPhone. I have had mine for a year and still am figuring things out (AT T apple 3G) But I do love it, and use it like a mini computer when traveling. Thanks for running my entrecard ad.
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DorothyL Lafrinere said...

Been there ... done that with great frustrations..I just wish that they would warn customers when they purchase the iphone this would happen and to download the icloud before adding your contacts.
As everything in life.. trial and error is most definitely what it is all about :)