Sunday, March 29, 2009

the gadget

i finally got my hands on a dslr. i was torn between the Nikon D40x or this baby, Canon 1000D or Rebel XS as what it is known in the US.
if not all, some of my friends who use nikon always bring around with them the well known phrase for fellow nikonians, “nikon takes better picture”. and in fairness to the photos i have seen in flickr taken by a nikon camera, the pictures are indeed sharp and colorful. canon on the other hand, well, it does take good quality pictures too. plus, it has a local service center available in my area.
so i started to do some more research. that is when i realized, that for a newbie like me who is just starting out in photography, it is not the gear that makes the difference, but the eyes behind the gear. you might have the most complicated, most advance camera with you and match it up with high end lenses, you still would not be able to create a good picture if you do not know the logic behind taking good photos. even an entry level camera can compete with the high end cameras as long as you know how to maximize and master the capabilities of your camera. and once you have exerted all possible functionalities of your camera, that is when you decide whether or not to get a higher end camera.
so after doing much more reading, i finally decided to get the 1000D. personal preference, i guess. i have not tested this baby out in the field yet, but i am already starting to love it. for my latest gadget, a toss a long lasting relationship.

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