Tuesday, March 31, 2009

kids chore

this photo was taken on a tuesday morning. as you might notice, the kids height is nearly the same as the water container he is carrying on his shoulder. from the looks of it, i can say that the container doesn't have anything on it. so thats not much to worry about. where the rest of the kids his age is at school, he was doing his daily chore. and thats  what caught my attention the fact that at a very young age kids are tasked to do chores early in the morning when they should be in school instead.
this are some of the everyday scenario you see on a third world country. not every kid can get a decent education. it is not because the kids don’t want to, its just that sometimes, out of obligation, they need to skip school. and sometimes, because of poverty too.
i took a snap shoot of the kid along with his other friends with my canon rebel xs and they look happy to me. either they don't understand the responsibility they're already into at a very young age, or they already know that this is pretty much the kind of life they have and are already contented about it.

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