Friday, October 30, 2009

cars cars and cars

i have been always been a fan of sports cars. Import cars to be exact. Today I was given the chance to get a little more closer to the cars I have always dream of having.
As I walking through the hallways of ways I became more and more excited as I get closer to the venue where they displayed the cars. I was this excited not only because I would get to see them up close and personal, I also have my dslr with me, the every reliable canon xs.
I was in awe when I finally reached the place. Although most of the cars were vintage cars, heck I wouldn’t even bother to complain. Minutes later, I find myself clicking. I went around the cars more than a couple of times until I got the desired shot, or how I wanted my photo to express it self. Although I am still starting in photography, I wanted to make sure that the pictures I take are decent enough to be posted on the internet.
The car makes if I am not mistaken, were Porsche, Jaguar, Ferrari and Chevrolet.
I ended the day with a big smile on face. Contended with my photos, I rushed home and loaded them up on my computer and started posting them on the internet.
The photos attached are only some of the few shoots I have taken during the event.

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