Saturday, November 21, 2009

new moon

and so i watched the movie. not really my thing but since its a company sponsored show, might as well watch it.
if i was in high school, man i would say that movies a hit! tells you a tale about two individuals so inlove with each other, battling the odds, getting seperated, and just ending up together. thats every highschool girls fantasy. i should know, most of my friends in highschool were girls and thinking about them now, im sure they still go ga-ga over the movie.setting my own perspective of a good movie aside, i would rate it 4 STARS. the story lines a big hit to the teens, you dont have to tell, just look at age range of the people lining up to watch the movie. which i think is the main market of the movie. the fight scenes didnt disappoint me, but i would have wanted more. this is basically what i expect from a vampire/werewolf movie. the love story is good, i say good because it became predictable somewere in the middle of the movie. and i havent even read the book. and the main characters, i would say they were passionate with their roles. thats a plus for the movie making it more appealing to young ones.
so much to say, if you want to be nostalgic and reminisce about your highschool fantasies, then by all means go out and watch the movie. you would end up wanting to watch it over again.

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