Tuesday, April 07, 2009

blended coffee for two

an afternoon delight. what better way to spend your afternoon but with a cup of blended coffee and nice book and company of someone special. i used to be a coffee addict. Most of the times you would find me in starbucks drinking my usual, mocha. i tried to trim my coffee consumption since its starting to be a pain in my budget. but every once in a while, whenever i feel the need to treat myself or have a quiet date with my girlfriend, i still have a cup coffee.
my friend keeps inviting me to go to the coffee shop not just to have a taste of their coffee but also for us to get the chance to talk about something that  we both like, motorcycles. so brought along my girlfriend, we brought her laptop and called out our chef friend. there we browsed about the latest gadgets for our bikes and the bikes we tend to imitate. where  we get after market parts, modifications and engine upgrades. and not to forget, mechanics where we can get our bikes upgraded.
so thanks the to chef of the seatles best who happens to be a friend. because of him we got ourselves some perks.

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