Friday, April 10, 2009

three's a crowd

as we were doing our slow trek at kan-irag park i came across this group of well bloomed little flowers. how they were group caught my attention right away. so i composed myself, hold my breath, and set myself as close as the my rebel xs kit lens would let me. and there you have it. a nice composition just how i wanted it. not that i am a professional photographer, but i do know a few things here and there. and more often than not, holding ones breath in taking a picture usually helps in getting a good still picture. and it did, plus, i managed to get that little out of focus effect that i wanted to achieve on the third flower. the one that is farther of the two.
if you look closely, you can see that the first two flowers are closed to each other. while the third flower is a bit far from the the two. it that's exactly what the title says. three's a crowd.
this flowers grow almost everywhere. i really didn't get the chance to get the name, or the patience to even google it. but none the less, whats important is, what the picture is trying to say. be it as a metaphor, or literal.

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