Sunday, November 22, 2009


i am starting to get a hang of blogging. not that i did not blog before, its just that now, i am trying to earn while i blog. mind you, i do have a permanent job. and it pays well and i have no complain so far. the reason why i want to earn while i blog is because i have my computer is connected to the web 24/7, 7 days a week. so instead of just leaving my computer connected, why not make the most of it. why not earn. i have read in some forums that some local individuals earn as much $500 to $700 a month through online marketing. now this is most likely not coming from a blog alone. i am pretty sure that individuals manage their own websites. one that is more inclined to online marketing and not just blogging. there are some bloggers who i know of that earn a pretty descent amount each month, around $5 - $10 a day. i say that is not bad.  i am pretty impressesd with that number actually. now having a job is one thing. but earning while doing something you are already doing, that is something else.
i admit i am barely even at 25 percent of the things that i still need to learn about blogging. specifically earning online. there are lots of tips out there on the internet, i just need more patience to read and thoroughly understand each one of them.

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