Tuesday, November 24, 2009


after nights of contemplating whether my adsense application would be approved or not, my account was finally approved. not that its something big, but at least its a start as i can track changes and updates from here on.
i have been trying to get it right or at least get it done. but unfortunately, i cant seem to get it done right. i was starting to get frustrated. who wouldn't be? it's a simple application for adsense and i can't get it right. first i had postal address issues. i was using a new email address specifically for this task so i was thinking maybe because it was new. so i did some tinkering with my account and reapplied just to realize i will just get disapproved. so, i tried using my old email. i made sure i complied with the correct address format that they want. then my application was review status after that. then woolah! i just received an email just today stating that my application has been approved.
so i guess the next thing for me is start making contents for this blog. find ways generate more traffic and eventually, start earning a little more online.

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