Saturday, December 12, 2009

Taal Volcano

The wondrous Taal Volcano.

When I was kid, I used to pass by Tagaytay on my way to my father’s place in Batangas. Every time I ride the bus, I make sure I sit on the left side. That is to give me a perfect view of the Taal Volcano. And wondrous place never seize to amaze me. But all the while, I just pass by this place. I never really had the chance to stop by and admire it for a little longer than usual.

That changed when I was in college. On our field trip, we stopped by Tagaytay and specifically for picture taking purposes. Finally, I had the chance to look at it at a still position, for a little longer time.

My third time stopping by Tagaytay happened just recently. This time, I have my Canon Rebel XS with me. So I took all the shots I can take until I get tired or until I get satisfied with my shot. We were at the place at around 3 pm. Too harsh for descent shot. Even if I did get a good shot, it is most likely to be an over exposed image. And if by luck I get the chance that the sun would hide in the clouds, the area going to the Taal Volcano is still foggy, so most likely, my shot would not be that sharp.

After many trials, I finally came up with a descent shot. And maybe next time, on my way to fathers’ place, I will stop by again, intentionally, and get me a better picture. And hopefully, that next time, the weather will work with me.

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