Wednesday, December 16, 2009

3rd suspect arrested in home deadly home invasion

3rd suspect arrested in home deadly home invasion - Read Full Story Here

This came as a surprise as i read through the news the today. First and foremost, I was very glad that the third suspect was already arrested. I was not aware of what happened until I read the news today. It seems like three youngsters raided a home of a disabled man in Silver Springs Shores. What shocked was why would they, in their normal state of mind take advantage of a disabled man and try to rob him. Considering the ages of the individuals who tried to rob the disabled mans house, 16, 18 and 24, respectively, I think this individuals where just out to take the man’s money. For whatever purpose they, I still think it is totally unacceptable. And to think that they tried to victimize a disabled man. What a shameful act for these individuals. Luckily for the disabled man, he seemed to have foreseen that eventually, something like this might happen. The man, who had a gun, shot one of the intruders who died at the scene. The two culprits on the other hand, tried to run away. Eventually, with the help of Local County, the two run away were apprehended.
This is a sad story and an example of how the young and strong individuals these days easily take advantage of the weaker ones. On the brighter said, the lesson learned here is, though weak you maybe, it is not an excuse not to watch for yourself and just rely on others.

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