Thursday, December 24, 2009

Travels I am About To Conquer

It is nearly the start of the year and what better to start than traveling to places and discovering new things. I have wanted to travel but never had the time to do so. From this day on, I will start planning my goals and destinations which I guess I already did prior to this day. I already booked myself some tickets for mid next year. One is for a trip in manila with my girlfriend and her sister. The other booking is so far, my most anticipated, my trip to Vigan. I always wanted to take pictures of the old street in Vigan, the ever famous, Calle Crisologo. Ever since I started taking photos as a hobby, I had always planned of going two places. First is Bantayan Beach Resort, this, I said to myself, will start my travels and places to go. Next, is Calle Crisologo in Vigan. I have always admired the old structures of that place.

If all goes well, my first stop for next year will be Bantayan. I always wanted to go to that place but never had the chance to. I hope this, God permits, it will push through. From Bantayan, I will then have to think of my next stop. I will take one step at a time and just start small. That is, to visit places in Cebu before I go elsewhere.

For now, I need to save up, I have a Bantayan trip to look forward to.

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fetus said...

Alright! head to bantayan and hit the sugar beach! although if it's not semana santa, i think bantayan is kind of a deserted place. though if it's your trip, then it would be a blast! :)