Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Missed Photo Shoots

Nothing much to do but whine. Today was supposed to be a busy day for me. Early morning photo walk scheduled at 6:00 am at downtown Cebu. Night photo walk from capitol to fuente osmena or wherever the walk leads us too.
I had this activity all planned out, I even listed myself to those participating in the photo walk. Unfortunately, my body just can’t keep up with all the busy schedules. Right now I am not really feeling well. I feel like anytime from now, I will get sick.
There will probably be another photo walk or another photo shoot activity, but the places we were supposed to go to are really colorful this time of the year. That is because of the Christmas season. Not only the colorful things you get to shoot, the people are friendlier this time of the year. So you can expect people to be smiling at you, not bothered by your camera pointing at them thinking you are some sort of trying hard paparazzi wanna-be .
None the less, I get to rest. I guess I needed it more than anything else. Right now I am stuffing myself with mixed fruits I got at local supermarket. The variety I chose were obviously more of vitamin c rich fruits. That what I needed right now.
So much for the photo shoots, and here’s to good health.

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