Thursday, January 07, 2010

Yamaha's Rockin' My iPhone!

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Yamaha. All opinions are 100% mine.

Every since I got hold of my iPhone, I never left my house without it. I don’t even think it ever left my side. It has practically been a part of my life. I mean, what else can you ask for, right?! You practically have everything in one gadget. Music, Movies, Internet; this are the most essential needs in my life right now and I am just glad that iPhone has all that.
Just recently, due to work overload, I use my iPhone more often now. That is, to listen to music. It helps relax and stay calm with all the stress that my work brings. And one busy afternoon on my way home. I passed by a shop and notice something that made me take a second look. I saw something that would compliment my iPhone; The Yamaha PDX-60 Speaker Dock. And just check the features!
It is so easy to use:
• Speaker can be placed in any out-of-the-way location
• Easy operation (auto power on/off and volume control sync)
• Transmitter unit is small enough that you can carry the iPod/iPhone around and talk on the iPhone with the transmitter attached
• Cradle for setting the iPod/iPhone on a table, etc.
• iPod charges from both speaker and cradle
• Card-type remote unit for convenient iPod operation
• Low power consumption
• Four color variations to match your iPod and room
High Sound Quality
• Uses lossless (uncompressed) signal transmission to achieve wireless sound quality
• Strong, rich and dynamic bass sound
• Perfect synchronization between sound and video when watching movies on your iPhone or iPod
What is "yAired"?
"yAired" is a Yamaha original wireless technology that offers many benefits, such as:
• Simple, convenient operation - unlike bluetooth products, no pairing is needed
• Wireless operation - Remote control from an iPod / iPhone, with auto power on and volume control
• Enjoy superior sound quality - uncompressed wireless audio transmission (linear PCM)
• Real-time communication - Audio and Video synchronization
My birthday is coming. I sure am getting this baby for my iPhone. Look how lonely my iPhone is. Glad I’m getting him a new playmate.


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