Thursday, January 07, 2010

Lesson Learned

A few days ago, my review was approved which earned me a little something. I was happy, who wouldn’t?! Just while I was waiting for my other reviews to be approved, I received an email from good ol’ spark friend. I was hoping it was a notification that my reviews were approved, unfortunately, my review was disapproved. Why? I was in violation of good ol’ sparks terms of services. After briefly reading the email, I already knew it was fault. Still, to give me peace of mind, I went ahead and read the terms of services, again. This time, carefully. And so there it was, it clearly states that no succeeding reviews are allowed. Obviously, I did not get it the first time, which is why I had two consecutive reviews. It was kind of depressing, knowing that it could have been easy $10 or $15 for me. None the less, it was a good learning point. That I should read the terms of services carefully and not get too excited with the monetary incentives. I guess this follows to almost all advertising campaigns as well.
So before you guys try to do online marketing, make sure you read your advertisers terms of services. This way, you will be sure you will not get your account messed up.

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