Friday, July 30, 2010

Virtual dating and a flirty avatar

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Every once in a while I come across a virtual dating website, but nothing surpasses the experience I had with Smingle.Com. When I came across Smingle.Com, I got curious so I gave it a shot. I mean whats to lose right? So I created a profile for myself and of course to make my profile look more attractive, I uploaded my picture. To my surprise, I got 3 months for free! So, much more interested now, I went ahead and browse some more and tried to learn more interesting things about Smingle.Com and found out they have an interesting way of how you can get to know your person of interest through an exciting game they call “Love Match” plus they have a very intuitive way of chatting. Now the 3D avatar they have is sooo cool! Not only will you be able to customize how your avatar looks like, your lifelike avatar can flirt as well! And with whatever you type, your avatar responds naturally! It really is a lot of fun a very exciting way to meet people. virtual dating is really addictive, that I can tell you. I already have lots of friends in Smingle.Com and the virtual dating experience is really amazing.
According to THS Investigates, virtual dating helps curb the dangers of online dating by allowing people to get to know each other better before meeting in person * "The virtual dating experience ... is surprisingly intimate, which helps explain the relative success of virtual dating compared with the major dating sites." That I can say is true. I already had a successful virtual date!
So if you are looking for that someone who can spice up your life and rock your world, try virtual dating, try Smingle.Com, I bet you won’t have regrets.

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