Friday, August 20, 2010

Busy life of a consultant made easy

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My dad who is now enjoying his retirement benefits told me that he wanted to go back to doing what he used to do before, working as a management consultant. Not under some big named company, but rather as an independent consultant. Being used to all the resources available to him from his previous employer specially the consulting templates, he is now is challenged with the need to simultaneously meet clients, sell work, deliver sold projects, train new people to deliver the work, generate intellectual property, write reports, write proposals, find contractors, find toolkits, and almost everything else that needs him to perform his job efficiently. So I told him, we would together as a team and I would help him research and find a solution for that would suit his needs. Luckily, we did. was the answer to all his problems.

Lillilooloo is a one stop portal that helps consultants with many of their problems. Lillilooloo is essentially a shared back-office that you can tap into for sample work, toolkits, methodologies, share ideas, access world class research; outsource proposals, letters, transcription of notes/concepts administration, and much more.

Lillilooloo offers cost-effective and high quality back-office research teams to complete reports, power point presentations, prepare studies, proposals and review documents.

Lillilooloo is a pretty maneuverable site. It is organized by category with easy to use menus. Categories range from Financial Services and Marketing to almost any business related categories. Finding the exact consulting templates that you need is not a problem at all considering that you can filter files based on Most Viewed, Downloaded, Liked, Favorite and Most Recent, a pretty helpful option to go away of browsing through irrelevant files.

Having said all that, I summed up the advantages Lillilooloo for him the important features
  1. Document sharing--unlimited FREE file uploads & downloads, plus great quality!
  2. A template store--consultant standard, detailed documents ready to use!
  3. Premium document creation service— Lillilooloo research team can provide professional proposals,   reports, and presentations.
  4. Plus, they have a new book (found in the template store) called "Succeeding as a Management Consultant” which will surely be a great guide to success as a Management Consultant.

 My dad was pretty amazed with Lillilooloo and is already looking forward to working with them. What worked for him before as a consultant might not work with the client requirements of the new generation today, but thanks to Lillilooloo’s new book (found in the template store) called "Succeeding as a Management Consultant” that wouldn’t be a problem anymore.

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