Monday, August 23, 2010

Leadership Training With a Twist

A couple of days ago I attended a Leadership Training that was hosted by the COE’s of the company I work for.  I was selected to be part of the training since I received an award for excellence in our department for the second quarter of the year. It was a pretty nice experience, and I guess for the rest of the attendees as well. The training or more likely workshop was well conducted.  It was not the usual workshop where the discussion was more on business related topics considering it was leadership training.  Rather, it was more of a discussion of a day to day activity with a leadership spice added to it.

The workshop was pretty educational. I started to understand that to become a good leaders there are certain characteristics that you need, not just to be a leader, but an effective one.  As a leader, you need to understand how to effectively communicate with your subordinates. That means dealing with different type of individuals and how to approach them in a much more efficient way.

Part of the workshop was to take part of group games that involves communication styles and team work. The games were educational in their own way. It demonstrates how different communication styles and challenges are involved in different situations which were also a good learning experience. 
Last but not the least, the workshop, being a 6 hour activity, included an American buffet dinner for the participants, which, I would say, was pretty fulfilling.

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