Monday, May 21, 2012

First Book I Purchased

And so I finally had my book replaced. Thanks to National Bookstore! 

I bought Dan Brown book, the latest sequel the famous Robert Langdon character, The Lost Symbol. I am not really a big fan of reading a book. I actually started reading the novel in my phone. That’s when I realized, that reading a novel through iBooks, is not as satisfying as reading the book itself. Feeling the pages, the smell of the paper, it’s a whole different experience. Maybe if I get a larger screen, say, an iPad, the experience might come close. Well, just maybe. 

If you are wondering why I needed to have my book replaced, well, the book was missing pages. Or should I say, it has repeating pages. It was the first book that I actually bought straight from a bookstore, fresh from the stand and not some worn out used book from a second hand store. And to add up to the trouble, I already threw away my receipt. What I have instead was the auto generated credit card receipt. Good thing the bookstore was good enough to have my book replaced. Although I didn’t have the actual receipt, I guess the mere fact that the book didn’t pass the quality check makes it a very good reason to have it replaced.

And so just when I am about to get the replacement, I found out that they ran out of stocks, and so the reason for waiting. I opted to continue reading the book electronically rather than wait for the actual stocks to arrive. Who knows when the stocks will come arrive?

So, after two months of waiting, I now have a fresh copy of the book. 


papel1 said...

Hope you are enjoying the book. I have not bought a book lately as I love my kindle!

verabear said...

Two months is a long wait for a replacement. Maybe they lost stock because the ones they had were misprints too. I havent read Lost Symbol, not sure if we already have a copy here. I didn't know it was a Robert Langdon book too,. Thanks for sharing!