Thursday, April 23, 2009

first try at a telephoto

my first try at a telephoto lens. the sigma 70-300mm DG. i was excited when a friend told he will be bringing his telelphoto lens when he visits cebu, the first time for to come back to his second home after he left for kuwait. he is currently employed in kuwait right now, and he has been there for two years now.
for a while i was stuck with my kit lens, the 18-55mm IS for my canon xs. not that i am complaining, the kit lens i have performs impressively but of course i also want to try other lenses that i can use with my cam.
testing the telephoto sigma 70-300mm, i was surprised how far i can zoom. the photos are pretty descent too. i say descent since i have read from reviews that some telephoto zoom lens gives out its image quality if you zoom out your lens that far. maybe because i have not tested other telephoto zoom lens, but as far as performance is concern and market price. it is pretty impressive for its category.
i am going out for a while and have a run with baby and see how it performs. over the weekend, i will have the opportunity to test its performance. we are bound to go on a banca cruise with some friends. we will see just how good this baby is.

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