Sunday, September 27, 2009

flowers at my moms garden

Today I spent the afternoon lazily swinging on our hand made hammock under our mango tree.
As I lay on our hammock, I noticed my mom’s mini garden filled with blooming plants. Although it is not as abundant as it was years ago, my mom still managed to keep some plants blooming with flowers.
Most of her plants were orchids. She nurtured different kinds of orchids. Some would even come from different places, but most were locally bought. She takes very good care of her orchids, and I would proudly say she is doing a good job doing it. She used to make money out of the flowers from her garden. She has a couple or so customers who would buy her flowers. She would then sell them to moment the flowers are ready for picking. Most of her customers are flower shops owners who sometimes run short of flowers for their flower arrangement business. It made good money for my mom too. For my mom who is working as clerk in a government office, pay is sometimes just enough to keep you going for the week. There are times that when her budgets would run short, these were the times where her income from her flowers would come in very handy.
Although my mom stopped selling flowers, she still has some plants left that still blooms and she’s keeping it now because she loves her plants and the flowers they produce and not because there is a need for it. That I would say is a good thing.

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