Sunday, April 12, 2009

i stand alone

of all the photos i have taken at kan-irag park, i say this was my favorite. the composition of the photo reminded me of how difficult and dirty life can be sometimes. despite how the pond was running dry, the water lily still bloomed wonderfully. despite how the pond looks messy because of the dried leaves and nearly water less surrounding, the water lily still stand still in beauty.
i never realized that digital photography has its dramatic side and that is how i feel every time i look at this photo. the photo itself can already be interpreted in so many ways. i guess its true when they say that photography is an art. the best photos are the ones that has its own story. one that has a lesson to teach. one that has deeper meaning.
i guess same goes to the saying that in photography its not the gear, but the person behind the lens that makes the best photos.
as for me, this photo is a reminder that no matter how tempting, how dirty the society we live in, if one has the will, one can still stand out and be contaminated by the ill-will of our society. one can still do what is good and be a good example to every one else.

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