Saturday, April 11, 2009


still at the vastness of kan-irag park. still doing our short trek, i looked back and noticed this wonderful site. immediately i kneeled down a little and took this photo. i was amazed how the surroundings looked like. i felt like i was lost somewhere in a forest where everything else around you are trees and grasses. then as i looked straight, and i noticed the small shelter where we passed by. it made me feel farther away from civilization and started to appreciate more about nature and just how wonderful it is if we just take time to take care of it.

my everyday life revolves around the city. my apartment going to my work is just a 10 minute walk, if i ride my bike, heck thats just a little in between two to three minutes. and even if i go out go a little farther than my work, still, all i see are buildings, buildings and more buildings.
it is nice to know that there are still some places left where we can go and appreciate nature. although this is a little farther than my usual rides around the city, i say the trip was worth it. this will not be last time i will go to kan-irag. i will surely come back to this place every once in a while.

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