Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Argao Mausoleum

Although history says that this was used as a mortuary, where the locals held the wakes for the dead before burying them including criminals, this was also believed to be a rare Capilla de Sacrificios. This is no known document to prove it, it is just a mere belief. But according to some individuals from different sources, this rare Capilla de Sacrificios is a special chapel where the 3 A.M. prayer was sung for the stillbirth infants. One indication to this belief is that the altar is tinged with indigo, a symbol of innocence. This is what was believed to be where the mothers grieve for their children and where the locals lamented for the loss of their loved ones.
Although I do not conquer any of those stories, my mere intention here is to tell a little something about the place I visited. Whatever you might want to call the place, it already has a story of its own and already made known of its presence through different stories from different individuals, through different walks of life.

And as I try to capture the best picture to describe the uniqueness of this place, here is an HDR version of the place.

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