Saturday, December 05, 2009

Luzon Road Trip - Day One

Day one has finally ended. Tired, yet one fun-filled day.
Our flight departed at around 5 am, arrived in Manila 18 minutes earlier. First stop, Gerry’s Grill in Insular Makati, but first, we need to find our colleagues who are going to meet us at the airport.
Since we arrived earlier than the expected time, we waited a little bit. To my surprise, instead of waiting for us at the arrival area, they waited for us somewhere else. It is still the arrival area alright, but the International arrival area. So we had to go back and forth just to find them.

Our first stop: breakfast at Gerry’s Grill in Makati Insular. Sumptuous meal for a cheap price, and now I am full.

Second stop: Ocean Adventure. I just have to say, I fell in love with the jelly fishes! The aquarium was ok, it’s not that big though, but it was a nice experience. What really caught my attention were the jelly fishes, the lights in their aquarium and the back ground song, everything I was perfect. I think I took more 20 shoots of the jelly fishes’.

Third stop: MOA. We had to stop by the grocery to get some stuff that we need to cook for our dinner and breakfast the next day. We tried some bibingka sold on a sidewalk stall. I bought me some new socks because I forgot to bring me some. I think I forgot we were going to stay in Tagaytay at night.

Forth Stop: Casa de Carlo, Tagaytay. We finally arrived where will be spending the evening. It is a cozy place with a touch of Spanish culture.

Fifth Stop: Starbucks, Tagaytay. We really supposed to head on to Picnic Groove Tagaytay, but I guess we arrived a little too late. The picnic grounds are already closed. So we went and had coffee at Starbucks instead. The cold wind was blowing hard and we only lasted for 30 minutes because we couldn’t stand it anymore.

Last stop: Back at Casa de Carlo. Pasta for dinner, the Bar for the boys and I, I get to sleep early.

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