Sunday, December 06, 2009

Luzon Road Trip - Day Two

This is the second day of the IDC Christmas party, team building activity. This is probably the most tiring day for this trip. But I am not complaining. I am very much satisfied. This one experience I will never forget.

First stop: Home cooked breakfast. Well, it is not really our first stop but it was the first thing we did. Erick woke us up at six since it was the guys turn this time to prepare the breakfast. So we cooked some bacon, and eggs, and hotdogs. We had the typical Pilipino breakfast.

Second stop: Conquer Taal Volcano. This is the event of all the events for this whole trip. Starting off the with a very steep road going to Taal Yatch Club, from there we rode a pump boat to cross Taal Lake and on to Taal Volcano. The lake was not as calm as expected so we got splashes from time to time. After the boat ride comes the torturing task of all, to trek the Taal Volcano. With our brave hearts, we decided not rent a horse and walk the trail instead. One forth of the trail, our married companion couldn’t make it anymore, so they decided to rent a horse instead. The rest of us, we stood by our decision that we our going to conquer Taal Volcano with our own feet. And we did, when we reached the top, the site was just amazing. I have never been this close to a volcano’s crater before and I would say it was worth all the trouble. Now all we have to worry is going back, trekking the same trail again.

Third stop : Casa de Carlo. We went back to the pension house, got our bags and left.

Fourth stop : Leslie’s at Tagaytay. Now we get to eat. And boy did we eat a lot. I guess we were too tired from the trek and right now we just want to relax and pig out, but before we ate we had our exchange gifts and I got me a very cool Francis M, Three Stars and A Sun t-shirt. After we lunch, we had some photo shoots with the Taal Lake and the Volcano on our background.

Last stop: Pansol, Laguna. We stayed at another resort. We rented the place overnight with the pool left to ourselves. And it’s no ordinary pool. It is one hot pool. Natural hot spring is what’s Laguna’s know for, specially in Pansol and boy the water is hot. But who cares, it’s just us and the pool.

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