Tuesday, December 01, 2009

to go or not to

5 days from now I am bound for manila for the IDC Team building / Xmas party activity. Not that I don’t want to go, it is just that I am a bit short of budget. I have this big project that I am currently putting nearly all my savings into. It is big enough that I really do not have the luxury to spend 4000 php on a Christmas party. In reality, I can. But, I will have to be on a strict financial diet.
At the back of my head, I really want to go. I mean who would not want to, right? The itinerary that the Manila team prepared for us sounds really fun and interesting. We are scheduled for a visit at the Ocean Park in Manila. Right after Ocean Park, we will go straight to Tagaytay and stay at Casa de Carlo. There we will cook our own dinner and spend the night exchanging gifts. The next we are bound to go trekking. Ride a pump boat and conquer Taal Volcano. After the trek we are scheduled to have lunch at Leslies’ Restaurant where we have an overlooking view of the Taal Lake. After lunch, we are scheduled to go to Laguna and straight to Enchanted Kingdom. After Enchanted Kingdom, we will go straight to Pansol where we reserved 3 rooms in a resort with hot spring. The next day which is our last, we are scheduled to go Roam around the Metro Manila and go wherever we want to go.
Now if this trip is not worth the 4000 php budget, then I guess I’m such a loser.

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