Friday, July 23, 2010

The family goes Supaswapin'

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of SupaSwap Corporation. All opinions are 100% mine.


My niece’s 12th birthday is coming up and since I am on a tight budget, I was browsing for a website that offers new or second hand items at a cheaper price. As I was browsing, I came across a website that really got my attention, Supaswap.
Here are some features of the Supaswap that really outshined the other competitors
The first feature of Supaswap that got my attention is the strict parent control. Two thumbs up for that one!
The second feature that I liked is where the parents need to register their children, something that supports the first feature that I like. No cheating for the kids there.
The third feature is the zoning system.
• Game zone: No need to register just visit our Game Zone and enjoy the many Free Games we have for you. They are updated regularly so you will never get bored.
• Parent Zone: For parents, who wish to swap, bid, buy and sell items with other parents. Parents can also supervise their children with their own trading.
• Teen Zone: For young people aged from 13-18 years, who wish to swap, bid, buy and sell items with other teenagers.
• Junior Zone: For children aged from 8-12 years, who wish to swap, bid buy and sell items in a safe environment supervised by their parent or guardian.
The fourth and the one feature I rarely find in other competitors, is the swap option, something that I will be recommending to all my parent friends.

Now my niece was the girly type, she spends most of her free time playing PS3 with me. We call that our bonding moments. So now that I found that swap feature on Supaswap, I’ll go ahead and swap an old game with something we both didn’t play yet. Something for both of us to look forward to, on her birthday!

Now that's what i call swapping the Supaswap way!

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ava long said...

wow i think this site is great i have a 13 yr old son and he likes to search the net to swap and sell computergames but i dont like him to do this but now i have found supaswap i can let him go and also see what he is doing as i get an e.mail everything he does , so now he is happy and i am very happy it also helps him to be a little more responsible too, thankyou supaswap.

michael said...

you said that right ava! :)